I´m not too good about writing anything about myself, but I´ll give it a try.

Born in England in 1958, I moved to Germany in 1977 after getting married.

In 2000, after my second divorce, I moved with my three sons to a new home. There my eldest son bought his first computer.
My daughter, who had started her own family by then, decided she needed a computer too.

After looking over my sons shoulder once or twice I decided this wasn´t for me.

I definately prefered my Books, Dick Francis, Terry Pratchett and anything about fantasy.

In 2002 my life changed completely, yet again. I met my Husband to be, at the Dog Training school, where we both tried to train our dogs!
Two years later we married, knowing that we had last found each other.

Thanks to his patience and his immense knowledge, I began to learn how to use a Computer.

As a surprise for me he designed my first Homepage Pferd4fun.de.  

I spent hours working on this site, dredging up from the deep all I knew about Horses, and researching for all I´d forgotten!!

I made myself double the work because it had to be in english too.

The bug had definately hit me I wanted to design more Sites, it was definately fun.

My first HP on my own was Fun4freunde, Jokes, Poems anything funny.

I then tried out a little Graphic work and painting with the Paint programm, as I love drawing.

I wanted to create mascot for my fun4freunde HP, never expecting the figure I made would  come to life and I would write a Book.
For someone that never liked writing much, this amazed me more than anyone else!   
The first chapter can be read at Fionze.de and I hope to get it published one day.

In the mean time we´d designed Sites for our two boys, Sörensworld and Bryans-pokemons, (both HPs have now been redesigned as the boys are now older. (Soerenransom.fionze.de and Bryan.fionze.de )
My daughter had designed her own Kikis-tipp, with a little help from me.

 My Husbands Hp, Bestcomp.de, has been on the web for many years now and supplies lots of information.

Books and Fantasy brought me the ideas for Fionze.com, which was all about Hobbies, Fantasy and Science Fiction.
This HP has now been redesigned as an unusual link site to all other pages..

Over the last two years we have designed many Sites, mostly privat but some commercial ones as well.

In September 2005 I started with Photoimpact, oh boy this was a whole new world!!

I completed a beginners course on a german board, Bastelboard-Abenteuerland,
everything I did there is now included on my HP Workshop.fionze.com, which I made in PhotoImpact after completing another Course on the PhotoImpact International Board.

Having decided I wanted to learn more I found the Freespiritgraphics Board. Having first taken part regularly,
I took over running the Board for Rosie in December 2007 to give her more time to write Tutorials. 
This Board specialised in using the Path Tools, which is only a small part of what one can do with PI.
Unfortunately due to the lack of interest in the Board will now be closing down.

To fit in all the graphics I have made I have just created a second website art-graphics.fionze.de.  

Just a short thank you to my beloved Husband and my children for their help and understanding in everything I do.

Have fun